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(This article was written by SSTack )
It’s safe to say that a barn fire is every horse owner’s worst nightmare.

While visiting Stachowski Farm last week, the Schneiders crew discovered a fascinating safety measure that I personally have never seen before. By the barn door, under two fire extinguishers, was a rack full of red halters with red and white leads attached.
Upon closer inspection, we noticed that the chin pieces had been removed and the lead ropes threaded through the brass attachment”

In case of a fire, your first objective is to safely remove your horses from the area. Seconds count. In this situation, you don’t have time to run around looking for halters for everyone. Even if you have halters and leads on each stall door, trying to fasten buckles or tie rope halters on panicky horses wastes valuable time. With these particular fire halters, handlers can slip them on quickly and go. Having them all in one place so everyone knows where to find them saves even more time.

Want to implement this safety measure in your barn? Simply invest in one nylon halter (like this one) and lead (like this one) per horse. Cut the nylon chin piece and throat piece off the halter so you are left with the nose piece, cheek pieces and crown piece alone. Then clip your lead to the brass ring on the right side of the halter and slide the opposite end of the lead through the brass ring on the left side.”

Now your fire halter is assembled and ready to go! Keep your halter(s) in one easily accessible place in case of emergency, and let everyone at your barn know where to find them.”
Written by SSTack, This article can be found here

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  • me: it's a British show about an adorable gay kid coming to terms with his identity and struggling against the extreme prejudices of his small-town community
  • friend: k cool
  • friend: 
  • friend: this is about zombies
  • me: it's also about zombies


bbcthree, bbcamerica, save In The Flesh; save Kieren, our brilliant, relatable zombie boy.

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Orlando, who was dining with Leonardo DiCaprio at the Cipriani restaurant on Wednesday night, was very, very angry, when Justin, who didn’t have a reservation at the eatery, approached their table to try to talk to the actors.

DiCaprio had proceeded to shoo away the pop singer with his hand, leading Bieber to provoke a fight which saw Bloom jump over a sofa to get at the 20-year-old Baby singer at the restaurant.

(x) this just keeps getting better

dicaprio had proceeded to shoo away the pop singer with his hand


god, bieber is such a prick

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I rather love this news item.

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Please let yourself be proud of small things. Please do that. Please allow yourself to get really excited about playing a video game well or sending an ask you were nervous about or letting a bug outside or peeling the whole orange in one try. Please get so excited about that. Please. That’s so cool I’m so glad you did it.

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Can I just say that autistic people are adorable? Seriously, how fricken cute are we? (Answer: Very.)

If I see you stimming I can guarantee I’m thinking “Wow, what a cutie pie”.

Same goes for when we awkwardly avoid eye contact with each other.

Don’t even get me started on infodumping, I will be flapping my hands while listening to you and thinking “Oh gosh they know so much and also how adorable are they oh wow oh wow”.

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thinking of autistic ppl as the shiny pokemon of the world makes me really happy because i love shinies and i Love being a shiny

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whenever someone says mild autism i think of Spicy autism and then i cant stop laughing and its terrible

Cool ranch autism
Strawberry autism
Autism on a stick

i’ll have the deep-fried autism with spicy autism sauce

Sweet and sour autism

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Dmitriy Zakharov tattoo

Just because we’re small..


doesn’t mean we aren’t a lot to handle.


that we don’t have the same health issues.image

we need lots of mental stimulation to be healthy.


The whole world is supposed to be our cage so we deserve the best that you can afford.


Our feet are not designed for perfect cylinders


and without proper nutrition, we won’t live for very long.


We are not a decoration, our size does not make up cheaper, we live for 25+ years and deserve to live the best lives possible.


a network for people who are both trans and autistic!


  • follow the admin (me) 
  • follow the network page
  • must be both trans and autistic 
  • must not be truscum and respect the chosen pronouns of the other members in the group.
  • you must not out secret members. if you do this you will be deleted from the network.
  • follow (some of) the members in the group
  • reblog this post if you are not planning on being a secret member.

all nonbinary genders are welcome, including otherkin. if you are unsure about your gender but know you’re not cis then you are welcome too!

all blog types welcome.

Benefits/Why you should join.

  • friends!
  • followers
  • support 


Secret members

This will be for people who want to be in the network but don’t want everyone knowing they are in the network. (i had an anon saying they aren’t out as trans but still want to join the network)

You will be listed on the network page without your name and without a link to your blog.

Instead of a icon you will have something like this. (made really badly by me in ms paint..)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

you can choose your colour.

you can choose who in the network knows who you are by approaching their ask box and saying something like “i’m secret member #1” 

this way people who are not out to their friends on their blog can still be in the network without being out!

if you are interested you can apply here by asking me.

please signal boost this if you’re not joining. (-:



girls are so hot???? like i see a hot girl every 2 seconds.  and a hot guy about every 2 weeks.  and even then i’m wary because he might end up yelling something rude at me or making a rape joke or something

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